Private ABL Session

In a private session you are offered tools to reconnect to your own power through your body and voice, while receiving reiki and sound therapy, mindfulness practices and guidance specific to your life situation.

Expand your relationship to your internal guidance system;

Whether you are looking for clarity in your life, release of attachments to past experiences, transformation, a greater sense of self-reliance and authenticity, or simply feeling curious about your self and wanting to expand your relationship to others;

a private session will provide you with tools to deepen your ability to listen to your intuition, clear mental and physical clutter and renew your sense of having personal impact in your life.


About Tuned Song & Vocal Therapy

– Includes wind chimes and frame drum

Vocal Therapy

By tuning into the body’s energetic field, Siw communicates with the frequencies of your body through sound, touch and deep seeing. The sound is either made directly into specific areas of the body, or released into the field surrounding the body.

The client is guided into a vocal journey which invites an expansion of one’s sense of self from within. This expansion creates space for self-reliance and sustainability, accessing information about our deep needs and inspiration, which in turn affects our way of relating to the external world.

Tuned Song is a combination of Song and Sacred Language deriving from the body of each client unique to each body, received and spoken by the practitioner. All bodies holds language and song that carries vibrations according to its unique needs and inherent wisdom. The practitioner functions as a gateway for this Song and Sacred Language to be expressed and shared with the client.

Wind Chimes

The four Koshi chimes are based on the elements Air, Water, Earth and Fire. The vibrations of the tuning resonates with specific areas of the physical and energetic field in the body, and has a balancing effect on the chakras.

Frame Drum
The drum, made from rawhide of elk and deer, was made as part of Siw’s shamanic training with PhD Barnaby Ruhe.

The frequency of drumming for a shamanic journey, approximately 180 beats per minute, activates Theta waves in the brain, which is the state of mind where it is believed you can create everything and change reality instantly.

For more information on brain waves:



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