ABL for Actors and Performers


Are you looking to expand your artistic expression and deepen your connection to your creativity? Discover the layers of your artistry and learn techniques to communicate with your creative voice.

If the purpose of the artist is to channel necessary experiences for the culture of a society to awaken, heal and evolve, the artists themselves must be able to “tap into” and receive wisdom and knowledge from the collective unconscious.

In order for the actor to be free in their ability to embody and inhabit another persons thoughts and behaviors and not be constricted by the limits of their personal experiences, the actor must be connected to what Jung called the collective unconscious; the part of the unconscious mind that is derived from ancestral memory and experience and is common to all humankind, as distinct from the individual’s unconscious.

Through Active Body Listening techniques we practice our ability to receive creative, intuitive impulses informed by an intelligence rooted in this collective unconscious. We first practice the artist’s self-clearing abilities, uncovering the individual’s “blockages” and potential. This is necessary for the individual to feel safe and taken care of on a profound level. If this step is not included, we often find that the individual stands in the way of the channeling work on behalf of the collective. This is an immensely important step, since the artist as a vessel needs to know how to clear themselves to receive and let through what the collective unconscious is calling for.

We then delve into the exercises practicing our connection to the collective unconscious through animal and element exploration, vocal journeying and character work/the artists’s specific artistic expression.

For inquiries about classes and workshops see “contact”.

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