” The classes provide a warm, safe space in which you are guided to uncover depths about yourself that is both glorious and difficult to face, whilst allowing you to accept your inner human without judgement. ” – Playwright


“I have learned to open up in ways I would have never thought. 
As an actor it allows you to explore new levels of your character that create humanity, and on a personal level it helps you to unlock yourself. I now find Active Body Listening essential for my rehearsal processes to help me ground myself.” – Actress


“When I started Active Body Listening I was very closed and protective, I wasn’t sure how to develop my career, and I was giving myself very little space to live in. My mind couldn’t make sense of the pain and the more I ignored it the more my chest physically ached.

The Active Body Listening work has taught me that my pain wants to be brought into awareness, not diminished, because the pain is my intuition providing much needed feedback about what I want to take care of. Active Body Listening teaches us that our intuition is our map, not a judge telling us where we went wrong.
– Dancer and Coreographer

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