Classes and workshops

On the roof of Last Frontier in Brooklyn, NYC, the home of Final Fridays in the Teepee

Classes and Workshops

Vocal Clearing and Journeying

First part consist of guided vocal and physical movement clearing the body of daily impressions and old weight. Second part consist of a vocal “internal” journeying where we let ourselves be led by our own voice.

This is a vocal therapy technique designed to move into all parts of our body-psyche where past experiences and suppressed power may be stored. By surrendering to the guidance of our own voice we can access our own internal wisdom and release blockages that might be the cause for habit-patterns and unwanted thought-structures, freeing us from our attachments to the past, helping us to receive the present clear of projections.

Aligned Focus (Guided Meditation)

Awareness training, deepening our relationship to our internal guidance system, surrendering the mind to the body.

Animal and Element Exploration

Guided vocal and physical movement through the elements of earth, water, fire and air. Exploring embodiment of animal nature, merging mind with body and intuition. A practice in shape-shifting and drawing insight and autonomy from the elements and our deep-rooted nature.

Moving Into the Now

A guided container designed to dance our emotions and past experiences in order to help ourselves move into the present;

Accompanied by music (live drumming (frame drum) and chimes or stereo)

Vocal Yin Yoga

De-compress and unravel with vocal restorative yoga and sonic Qi Gong; a holistic approach to stretching that includes the unleashing of our voice, and Qi Gong movements supported by sounds connecting to vital organs.  Allowing the voice to support the expansion and internal sense of space, embracing all aspects of ourselves, assisting the ability to take our place in the world.

Drum Journey

Spirit Animal Journeying; a practice of receiving guidance from our internal wisdom through our own multilayered psyche and collective unconscious.



Learn techniques to ground and center; Expand your sense of right to be, live and express through Embodied Vocal Therapy, a technique of voice and movement based on psychoanalysis;

Our bodies hold the information, wisdom and knowledge necessary for us to thrive in the constant cycles of life. Through practice of deepening our ability to translate the body’s communication we learn to ride the high’s and low’s of life’s waves with a trust grounded in physical experiences of presence in the entire body-psyche.

Be ready to move and write.

Workshop include:

Awareness Training

Vocal Clearing and Embodiment

Body Talk; ways to address and communicate with the body’s intelligence and wisdom

Tuned Song bath (for more info see Private ABL Session)



This workshop is an introduction to self-exploration through Jungian psychoanalytical principles of expanding our self-perception, and Shamanic Spirit Animal Journeying; an ancient tradition found in all native tribes across the world. Learn how to use drum journeying as a source for self-sustainability and expression. Be ready to move and write.

Workshop include:

Awareness Training

Animal and Element Exploration

Spirit Animal Journey

Tuned Song bath (for more info see Private ABL Session)


For inquiries about classes and workshops see “contact”.


When in NYC, Siw Laurent offers journeying in the teepee at Last Frontier, Brooklyn.

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