Sonic Meridian Massage w/Reiki

Receive a massage unique to your body;

Using Reiki and Tuned Song Siw tunes in on your specific energetic and physical body and follow the instructions she receives through a holistic conversation.

Based on her Vocal Therapy studies she incorporates sound that is released either in the space around, or directly into, your body. These sounds carry vibrations that communicate with the body on subtle levels supporting healing and transformation.

Tuned Song is a combination of Song and Sacred Language deriving from the body of each client unique to each body, received and spoken by the practitioner. All bodies holds language and song that carries vibrations according to its unique needs and inherent wisdom. The practitioner functions as a gateway for this Song and Sacred Language to be expressed and shared with the client. (For more information on sound vibrations see « ABL Private Session »).

Receiving a Meridian Massage helps the flow of energy in the body, and enhances our blood circulation, thus affecting our immune system and the organs’ restorative ability, ameliorating our emotional and energetic experience of everyday life.

Meridians are channels carrying energy throughout the body, each connected to vital organs affecting the overall health and wellness of our lives. It is along these twelve channels that the acupuncturist place needles to promote the body’s natural self-healing process by stimulating specific points along the meridians.

Siw got her Meridian Massage diploma in Norway in 2011, and has since then developed this holistic massage method incorporating Tuned Song and Reiki.



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