Active Body Listening

Classes, Workshops and Private Sessions for

Personal Holistic Evolution and Artistic Expression

Active Body Listening is a physical and vocal practice using Embodied Vocal Therapy,

a technique based on psychoanalysis

Expand your relationship to your internal guidance system

and understand your body as your toolbox;

The creative and transformative potential of sound lies in our bodies, one of the most accessible and powerful tools for spiritual survival.



Our bodies contain who we are and hold information about the multifaceted aspects of ourselves. Using movement and voice as a tool for inquiry, we move into areas of our bodies we might have been unconscious of or holding back. When we begin a conscious conversation with our multilayered self through our body, we invite more of these aspects and internal knowledge into our life.

We gain a sense of self trust, a compass, often leading to a greater sense of confidence in our interactions with the external world.



Your voice holds the essence of who you are:

On a surface-level the voice reflects our personality. On a deeper level we can find our center and access our profound nature by sensing the vibrations of our own voice.

Our bodies and all matter exists at different rates of vibration and have their own resonant frequencies. The creative and transformative potential of sound is scientifically verified and proves that sound vibration changes the structure of matter.

Looking back at our days, we might realize the fundamental effects our environment have on our bodies, feeling a need for tools to tune our own vibration according to our own resonant frequency.

Through Active body Listening we use our deep layered sounds and movements to access the steady essence of who we are, filling our bodies with our own resonant frequency; a powerful tool in creating a safe space to feel supported and guided in our movement through life’s cycles and experiences.